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05/31/2019, 22:28:19

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Sanders has deep ties to communist Socialist Workers Party - WND

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Bernie Sanders (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

While he emphasizes he’s a “democratic socialist” who sees Sweden as a model, Sen. Bernie Sanders campaigned for the Socialist Workers Party in the 1980 and 1984 presidential campaigns and was investigated by the FBI for his ties to the Marxist group.

The Washington Examiner reported Sanders, a 2020 candidate for the Democratic Party nomination, has denied ever being a member of the communist SWP. But the paper found his ties to the party are “deep and enduring.”

Sanders’ personal files from his time as mayor of Burlington, from 1981 to 1989, show he supported and campaigned for the SWP and maintained a close relationship with its senior members.

Archived at the University of Vermont, the files show Sanders “proudly endorsed and supported” the SWP candidate in 1980, Andrew Pulley. As an elector for Pulley on the Vermont ballot, Sanders said in a press release, “I fully support the SWP’s continued defense of the Cuban revolution.”

Sanders, who honeymooned in the Soviet Union, campaigned for SWP presidential nominee Mel Mason, a former Black Panther, four years later. Mason, during his campaign, praised the Russian and Chinese revolutions.”

“The greatest example of a socialist government is Cuba, and Nicaragua is right behind, but it’s still developing,” Mason said.

In March, a CNN investigation found that when Sanders first ran for the Senate in the 1970s, he advocated full-blown socialist policies such as nationalizing major industries, including energy companies, factories and banks. And he campaigned for a 100 percent income tax for the wealthiest Americans.

The network said Sanders’ “past views shed light on a formative period of his political career that could become relevant as he advances in the 2020 Democratic primary.”

In February, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked Sanders whether he wanted America to become a socialist nation. The senator did not answer the question directly but rattled off a list of socialist policies he wants to implement such as “universal health care.”

‘Abolition of capitalism’

Pulley, in his 1980 campaign, called for the abolition of the U.S. military and the nationalization of “virtually all private industry.” He called for “official … ‘solidarity’ with the revolutionary regimes in Iran, Nicaragua, Grenada and Cuba.”

The Examiner found a flier in Sanders’ archives showing he was a featured speaker at the 1982 SWP “Campaign Kick-Off Rally” in Boston for the party’s candidates for governor, lieutenant governor and Congress.

The SWP, founded in 1938 by devotees of Russian communist revolutionary Leon Trotsky, promote an ideology of international revolution with the aim of “the abolition of capitalism through the establishment of a Workers and Farmers Republic” and the elimination of most private property.

Under the McCaran Internal Security Act, aimed at subversive groups seeking to overthrow the U.S. government, SWP members were forced to enter a federal registry.

Pushing Democrats to the left

Sanders’ success in the 2016 Democratic presidential primary has helped push the party further left, with many of his 2020 opponents speaking favorably of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ radical New Green Deal.

Many prominent Democratic Party figures identified themselves with communism in their past.

Barack Obama was mentored in his youth by Frank Marshall Davis, a member of he Soviet-controlled Communist Party USA and a writer for a communist newspaper. In college, Obama was a doctrinaire Marxist, who, according to a colleague at the time, believed a communist revolution in the U.S. was imminent. After graduation, he was a “community organizer,” a role conceived by socialist activist and thinker Saul Alinsky to advance socialism. Hillary Clinton, who described herself as a “Goldwater girl” in her youth, knew Alinsky when she was in college and wrote her thesis on him.

Van Jones, a self-proclaimed radical communist activist, was appointed by President Obama to serve as his “Green czar.”

Former Obama CIA Director John Brennan admitted he voted for Communist Party leader Gus Hall for president in 1976.

It’s unclear what he meant, but former FBI Director James Comey, in a 2003 interview with New York magazine, described himself as communist before voting for Jimmy Carter in 1980 and Ronald Reagan in 1984.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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