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I got an EMail from UPS that they had delivered a package to me
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Posted by: Bartb

05/29/2019, 20:16:32

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I found no package. I replied to the EMail, telling them I could not find a package, and asked if the pirates were following their trucks.
Unfortunately, the EMail was sent by a person named "Noreply", and that person apparently doesn't work there anymore, so my mail was refused.
I called UPS and asked to be connected to the help desk. Little did I know that that was a robot with a small vocabulary. I submitted the tracking number of the package, and was informed that the package was being investigated. I wonder when that investigation was started, since I had not been previously informed. The investigation would take up to 8 business days, so no information would be sent until the investigation reached a conclusion.

In future, I will request that my shipments require a signature on delivery. The pirates are very busy around here.

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