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Of a certainty. The term applies in this case.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

05/28/2019, 15:16:34

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The degree of utter abysmal, mindless, animalistic depravity of the Gay Party Circuit is book. Only people who don't read from the Book Of Reality would be unaware of this.

For example, a local (Southern Californian) channel 5 newscaster was found dead in a hotel room with a "boyfriend" he had met online, after the newscaster overdosed on meth. He had injected meth directly into several of his body cavities while simultaneously huffing amyl nitrate (poppers in law enforcement/street lingo).

To him and other leftists, it was merely a regular "date night". Perfectly normal. Nothing wrong with it. (rolls eyes) We are not allowed to "judge", you see. We are to be denied any freedom to believe in or practice normality without constant interference/sabotage from leftists and other anti-conservative fanatics.

It is the desire of leftists that what normal people see as depravity come to be viewed as normal and vice versa.

Marx/Alinsky teach that "encouragement of depravity" is an effective way to "destroy Western civilization". Bringing massive infusions of narcotics into Western nations was part of the Communist Manifesto and master plan for destroying the Western capitalist nations from within so that Revolutionary Socialism could then waltz in unopposed and take over the governments.

The Communists actually ADMITTED that this was their plan in a variety of writings from many senior thinkers. Yet today, a ready cadre of mockery will greet anyone who suggests that this is the case.

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