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With every thrashing, spitting, venomous, deranged schizoaffective expression, I thank GOD!!
Re: The absolute vitriol, delusion and undiluted hate evident in post after post after post after post is shocking, yea, alarming. -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

05/28/2019, 15:08:42

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My greatest fear after Trump was elected president was that the 'Crats would repair to their enclaves, reconfigure their strategery and move to the middle.

I need not have worried.

From Rush's EIB course on the Principle Governing Leftist Behaviors is the reality, "Leftist cannot help being what they are...and the minute they allow the public to understand what they really believe and plan for society, they lose elections."

The leftist need to posture and prove themselves superior to anyone and everyone who disagree with them strongly is also their beten noir , their downfall.

The insatiable leftist appetite to spew self-righteous, psychotic rage/hate at everyone whom they believe to be obstructing/opposing them loses them countless millions of votes every national election cycle.

Non-aligned voters (including self-described "moderates") very often dislike ideological movements in politics. It doesn't seem to matter whether the ideological movements are affiliated with the political right or left, self-described moderates and most non-aligned voters vote against it on election day. It doesn't matter what the political opinion polls say, that's the reality on election day.

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