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Film review "Cruising" with Al Pacino
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Posted by: LateForLunch

05/28/2019, 14:42:24

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My housemate wanted to see the old "classic" controversial William Friedkin movie "Cruising" with Al Pacino as an ambitious NYPD officer trying to further his career in law enforcement by going undercover to catch a homosexual mass murderer.

The movie turned out to be very controversial but not just for the obvious reasons (the MPAA refused to remove their revenue-killing "X" rating until much of the graphic content was removed).

At the time the movie was being filmed, homosexual-rights activists demanded that the shooting scenes be disrupted because they believed it was portraying homosexuals as deviates (it was about gay S/M clubs).

The homos were able to actually cause so much disruption to the filming of the movie, that the sound had to be added in post-production (over dubbed) because of the background noise from protesters (using all manner of noise-makers whenever they started filming).

I figured any movie that angers homosexual activists because it makes homos look bad must have some value. Pacino took the line in interviews that it was not ever meant to be a depiction of how most homosexuals were, only a narrow group. 'Didn't help much. The leftist-dominated film critics panned the film for the same reason - too realistic!!!

Not surprisingly, less than a year after the film was released to minimal success (even though Pacino's acting got great reviews) the first cases of HIV/AIDS were reported and the epidemic was off and running.

The HIV/AIDS epidemic was started and perpetuated (to this day) by the "core infected population" consisting of mostly homosexuals engaging in unsafe sex/drug abuse EXACTLY AS PORTRAYED IN THE FILM.

I personally found the entire film repulsive because of the graphic dwelling on the S/M gay thing. I know it goes on but I really don't want/need to see the evidence.

Sadly the movie was not really well made - the ending is ambiguous and even the few critics who didn't care if it made gays look bad complained about the vagaries of the plot and ending.

All in all I'm glad I saw it (and glad that I skipped over the more-graphic scenes) because I understand that if anything it was WAY TOO-EASY on the homosexual community, because it didn't really show even the tip of the iceberg in terms of the Satanic decadence of the Gay Party Circuit which to this day, sustains/perpetuates the AIDS epidemic globally.

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