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It was common knowledge in Atlanta, even among the unfaithful . . .
Re: King was a notorious horn-dog - it was common knowledge among the "faithful". -- LateForLunch Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Russ Walden

05/27/2019, 09:13:48

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LFL --

In the 80s, an investment group retained our company to buy a hotel for them in downtown Atlanta. It was a nice, mid-rise hotel. The top floor was a single suite, featuring a centrally located hot tub with spectacular views. The owner said they still called it the "King Suite," because, back in the day, it was exclusively leased to MLK via one of his groups. King had his own key, so didn't have to bother calling when he wanted to use it -- which was often. He said there was not even an attempt to keep it secret -- which would have been a waste of time, anyway.

That "blockbuster news" is sorta ho-hum here in Atlanta.

Take care,


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