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I used my Portal tonight
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Posted by: Bartb

05/26/2019, 03:53:09

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It is better than the ads. The picture quality was outstanding. The intelligent camera worked better than I hoped. For example, when the people up close left, the camera found another person to the side and way back, focused, and adjusted the lens for a closer look.
It actually does have eyes that follow you all around the room.
The only thing I didn't like is that it works through Facebook rather than device-to-device that I thought it used. In spite of this, the speed of the connection was better, the picture was better, the sound was better than Skype.
They even provide a slip on cover of the camera. Unfortunately, they don't cover up the two microphones. I put a roll of electrical tape in the bag; a three-inch piece covers both microphones and the camera.
Some good/bad: it includes Alexa, which you cannot disable.
At $100 per unit, its a pretty good buy, especially if you want Alexa.

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