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Leftist "Moby" another perfect example of a leftist living in an alternate universe.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

05/25/2019, 23:54:57

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Not even his fellow arch-leftist Natalie Portman would stand his horrible spewing of mendacious nonsense.

The only thing I can figure out is that for leftists, their reality loyalty is so WEAK, they believe that things which they want desperately to be true, literally ARE true!!

Sort of like a small kid who dreams he sees an elephant dancing across the backyard, insisting that an elephant REALLY WAS in the backyard - and bitterly attacks anyone who tries to propose anything else to be the case.

It's also perfect that this sick little vermin Moby apologized only for not WARNING Portman that he was going lie about her in his book, not for being a sick degenerate old f**k".

He said he felt bad about not telling her (not about the lying) but not even slightly embarrassed about supposedly trying to sexually assault Donald Trump at a party by rubbing his private parts on his clothing.

Leftist = deviate SMFs and they are no longer even trying to pretend otherwise.

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