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Kudos on correcting the cacogen's stupid error.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

05/25/2019, 23:35:43

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Referring to the free-representative Constitutional Republican form of governance the USA was founded upon, INCORRECTLY as a "constitutional democracy" yet again highlights how individually and collectively ignorant leftists are about well...EVERYTHING!!!

Except how to use their smartphones and social media. THAT they are experts about. But when it comes to political/government history they are all wearing diapers. 

When I casually debated a self-described Communist when he had the temerity to walk by my house reading a copy of a modern commentary on the Communist Manifesto  by some famous Commit pal of Noam Chomsky, it was like playing with one of those wind-up toys that you let loose on the floor and they flip themselves over every few seconds like a jumping beetle. 

His arguments always started out with rational criteria and when challenged on specifics, swiftly degenerated into purely emotional arguments.  When this was pointed out to him a couple of times (calmly, not angrily) he became so flustered, he has never returned. 

God works in mysterious ways. I got him to admit before he left that he was not an atheist as he had described himself but merely a skeptic awaiting the sort of evidence of God's existence that he could accept. 

That was my gift to him without really intended to give him one. Most self-described atheists are really not. The term refers to someone who believes positively that God does not exist. In other words, to be an atheist in the literal sense, one must believe that a negative may be proven (almost impossible). 

Even though I made him my permanent enemy by voicing the opinion that Chomsky was (with all due respect to his brilliant work with language learning /early childhood development) a, "verbose, well-defended, cerebromorphic post-modern nihilist", I hope he will remember that after all is said/done, God might still exist. 

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