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Memorial Day reminded me of something that happened many years ago
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Posted by: Bartb

05/23/2019, 07:56:11

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During Desert Storm, the agency of the DOD that I worked for suddenly needed people to keep the special computers running 24/7.
Years before, during the Viet Nam war, while I was in the Air Force, I had standby orders to go there. I was in Japan, and I stood by as quietly as I could, and went back to the States without going to the action areas.
This time I was qualified for a job that didn't have enough people assigned to keep the computers running. I worked a 12 hour shift, from 6 P.M. to 6 A.M, every night for the duration of the war. No days off. We didn't get overtime back then. During that time, several thousand people and I helped rescue a pilot who had been shot down behind the lines. I have always felt that was enough of a bonus - someone's family was completed because of our combined efforts, as part of an international military team.

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