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The Man-Caused Global Warming "debate" is a shell game with the ecoparanoids moving the shells around on every question.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

05/23/2019, 02:56:14

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Belief in AGW has never been about objective data at all. The grater bulk of objective evidence and math is on the side of skepticism or outright rejection of the speculative conjecture that is AGW. 

It's not even a theory because theories may be proven or disproved by observation / experiment  (empirical evidence). Every time AGW is tested with sampling or direct observations the results contradict AGW as a viable theory.

Yet the faithful continue to "believe in it" for a whole spectrum of non-scientific reasons - because the data does not support the conjecture at all. ZERO!!
Yet self-described "scientists" with perfectly straight faces say exactly the opposite. Defenestration is too good for 'em!

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