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I launched an "aerial mine" at a sheriff's dept chopper by accident.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

05/23/2019, 02:39:38

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We were experimenting with blowing up big balloons with hydrogen gas we'd learned to generate with the magic of chemistry. The balloon had a fuse which led to a detonator-ball of cotton soaked in gasoline.

When the balloon had been rising for about a minute (we put a long fuse on it) and was about two hundred feet in the air, a chopper on the way back to base happened to fly over just as it detonated in a huge ball of orange flame with an audible *whump*! The chopper was probably a hundred feet or more above the explosion but he definitely saw it.

The pilot no doubt thought some crazy hippie or Commie was trying to take them down - 'dove on our approximate position to see what the Hell was happening on the ground. This was in around 1964-5. We were around eight or nine years old. We ran and hid. They never figured out what happened and we never told anyone.

That was our last launch.

The pilot had a good story to take back to the Sybil Brand heliport in City Terrace. Doubt they ever figured out what really happened (the counter-culture Anarchist Cookbook was popular at the time) unless they were smart enough to know that kids in my neighborhood were precocious about chemistry etc. ( a LOT of Asian students in that city).

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