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A Hungarian Reader Shares His Experience With Charlottesville-Style Police Riots In Hungary
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Posted by: Chubbyloveable ®

05/22/2019, 22:21:53

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I am glad to have read Charlottesville Survivor's article on the facts about Charlottesville.

I hope the truth will start coming out.

I just wanted to add: the strategy of police supporting (or turning a blind eye to) violent gangs, and then using them as an excuse to beat up ordinary people, has some recent history.

I am Hungarian, and in Hungary in 2006 that is what happened precisely. The socialist-liberal government had massive protests from center right supporters, so what they did, is let a gang of far-right people loose among the center-right protesters, they then had the media take pictures of the those few far-righters (who were indeed violent, setting cars on fire, etc.), and beat up all the center right people (families, women, children) who had nothing to do with the violence. (The Hungarian far right Jobbik is a very suspicious gang: they were probably a creation of the socialist-liberal parties to make Hungary look neo-Nazi, and for things like the above. They espoused some legitimate goals in the beginning, but have strayed a long way from those since then.)

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