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There is no more corrupt.feckless politician than Great Orators.
Re: Wadda POS puff-piece - for a 'minority' lesbo commie LOSER. Jes' makes ya wanna puke, wot? -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

05/22/2019, 11:33:45

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RWR broke the mold. He was a Great Communicator as well as a sincere conservative statesman.

'Crats are so easily seduced by people who jerk them off with pretty words. PTUI! The Eightball Obama is a perfect example.
He's like the smooth talking scumbag who sweet talks a woman out of her life savings, then does it to her AGAIN.

Democrats are like women who enjoy being lied to and victimized. As long as the attacker says the right things and has the right Identity Politics credentials, it's easy access over and over and over again.

The coffers open wide and the government starts handing out limitless goodies while the 'Crat politicos grow fat on corruption. YAWN.

Very little has changed in all of the years I have been paying attention to politics.

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