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Which brings up something computing to end the need for increasingly-costly desktop/mobile machines.
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05/22/2019, 10:56:22

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Another LaPorte opinion is that Cloud Computing will replace Operating System-dependent products (desktop/laptop/notebook/phones) as we move into the next generation of devices. 

LaPorte observed that the last annual Microsoft product symposium had no mention of Windows OS superiority etc. 'First time that has happened, he said. So there may be some significance in that alone.

 Usually it's a rah-rah for how superior the latest Windows version is to using the Net. 'Not even going to try to lie about it. It's a given that having the latest, greatest OS is fading as a necessity.  

Microsoft seems to be bowing to the inevitable in how the need for more and more-sophisticated operating software (Windows 10, Apple OS series') is receding in a technical sense. 

There's apparently no good reason to have increasingly powerful personal devices (and the costs associated with them) with required matching OS software when what is being done with devices depends increasingly on Web application speed, not the device capacity. 

IOW, he seemed to be saying that websites are doing most of the heavy lifting in terms of data-throughput speed for common Web-based applications.

More and more, all personal computers just connect to a website to obtain the data necessary to perform any task.

The speed/sophistication of the personal device processor/software is already and becoming more-irrelevant (least of all the Operating System) for everyday computer use. 

So Leo thinks smart machines and even to some degree phones, have reached a plateau in their need for power/speed. 

The Cloud looms ever larger as a dominant force in commercial and personal IT hardware/software. 

God only knows what the gummint and military are doing in regard to their own hardware/software concerns. 

To be a fly on the wall at a few Pentagon/National Security Agency/Homeland Security IT planning/development meetings.  

I wonder if those guys at the top get bonuses for going further OVER budget.

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