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Leftist transexual/author "Fran" Leibowitz speaks mind to Maher, says, "Trump should be murdered horribly," then lashes out at "misinterpretation" of words.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

05/18/2019, 08:26:27

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The hideous thing that is neither male nor female, but something that is neither (like some sort of bacteria or insect) plainly stated its true thoughts/feelings, then lashed out in rage at the negative public reaction (social media). The Liebovitz thing attacked the people who were unhappy with her publicly wishing death-by-torture on the president of the United States as "badly (willfully) misinterpreted".

Words have meanings, you dopey old...whatever you are!! I hope the Leibowitz thing dies horribly. Murdering HER would be fine with me.

She is a professional communicator ostensibly by profession, yet is incapable of communicating clearly.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, leftists are not just harmless clowns-without-make-up, they are horribly, lethally dangerous - not only to themselves but to everyone else.


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