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'Not sure I buy the notion that Zappa didn't use drugs...but he definitely didn't advocate them...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

05/16/2019, 12:49:39

Author Profile Mail author Edit fact, he often mocked hard drug abusers as fools. God bless him for that.

The reason I'm not ready to accept the idea that he lived entirely drug-free is that he was a touring rock musician. In terms of simply the brutality of touring for a year or more, it had to be tempting to "get a helpful lift" before concert performances just to make sure the audience got their money's worth.

Zappa was not a health-nut as far as I know (a chain smoker who used to joke that "tobacco is a vegetable"), so it's unlikely he would refuse recreational stimulant drugs on the basis of health-risk alone. Maybe he had an iron disposition and could find ways to get through tours without using stimulants (besides the coffee he drank by the gallon) but I'd have to hear that from someone who was there with 'im before I'll buy it.

His brother Bob swears Frank didn't use them and forbid them in his bands - but boys will be boys.

Not that it really matters at all concerning this discussion, but as point of information, I believe Zap was killed by cancer of the prostate. Any kind of cancer has a much higher risk (somewhere around 10,000 % higher) associated with heavy smoking including colon or prostate.

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