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Posted by: LateForLunch

05/16/2019, 10:24:29

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Cacogens if nurtured, protected and encouraged to "be themselves" often become more like this than oh, Denzel Washington or even Malcom X.

See, Malcom X's life was very disciplined, non-violent and work-driven - very conservative in most ways. He would have been repulsed by the use of drugs or the decadence of the current "black sub-culture" which dominates the U.S. (especially in inner cities).

These sorts of young vipers, dangerous because they cannot tolerate even the slightest opposition or insult (like big overly-pampered infants) will become more and more abundant.

That's what Europe has unwittingly done by inviting millions of muzz to infiltrate their nations - infested themselves with countless multitudes of useless, insane young vipers.

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