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LFL: Aww NOT AGAIN !!! (smacks forehead in abject exasperation, bows, shakes head)
Re: Deleware: [H]olding the bills in committee would allow sponsors to build a consensus that does not currently exist. - Like flies at a picnic. -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

05/14/2019, 14:57:34

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The sewer dwellers dig ever-deeper estuaries to mine the "gooey goodness" below. Question: What do a-holes EAT??? (forgive me)

The longer I live, the more I seem to relate to Thomas Harris's character, Dr. Hannibal Lecter. The English tongue, though wonderfully adroit, lacks for suitable modifiers for some levels of infamy/stupidity.

One wants to (as the I Ching says, "bite through").

It's a damn good thing I'm a Christian. DAMN good!! My Lord forbids violence as a method of first resort. So be it. He knows better than I what is righteous. Amen/selah!

But if the hoplophobes EVER finagle a way to gut the 2A and send stormtroopers to get my own weapons of self-defense, I will be enthusiastically launching harpoons at the Great White Whale as I go down.

And I promise you, if they the balloon goes up and two-legged rat season open, I won't be late.

Bass-ackwards!! heh !! Ah goo d'wahn, General !!

(It's funny because it's true)

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