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...sometimes people never grow up." Agreed. Hence Zappa's desire to mock with the hope of dissuading.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

05/14/2019, 11:55:59

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I ran into that scenario recently while on patrol. A tiny parking citation for an illegally parked car sent a young woman into a full-on psychotic fit. I thought she was going to have to be Tazed or hog-tied.

Trying to communicate with her (or her fag accomplice) was like trying to pet an angry pit-bull.

There was a rubber room with her name on it - or perhaps she would as so many others, opt for hard-drug abuse, homelessness and prostitution. Such young women often follow their schizoaffective rage into relationships with "pretty-boy", charismatic, deranged male drug addicts with whom she cohabits, has frequent sex, scrounges for a living, learns to steal/assault/murder and calls "romance".

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