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Best Zappa song ever.
Re: Were you a Valley Girl in another life....? Reese Witherspoon could'a posted that. <smirk> -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

05/14/2019, 11:15:55

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His daughter is adorably DEAD. SPOT. ON.

Yet the mocking is somewhat good-natured.

The so-called "rap/hiphop culture" could use some self-mocking humor. The so-called "counter culture" is oddly now MAINSTREAM.

I have nothing but respect for women/girls. It's not easy for them growing up or getting through life - especially if they are more-attractive than average.

My family is full of sexual abuse victims (starting with my mother) so we males need to acknowledge (and most do which is no surprise to normal people) that women/girls SHOULD be pampered to some degree. Females do a lot of great stuff that they don't often get credit for and put up with a LOT of bad stuff from males that frankly would easily move me to mass murder.

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