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I'm thinking BB's reaction might be a singularity.
Re: Is it a scary movie? What's it about? I try to never watch anything that will give me nightmares.... -- Dee W. Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

05/12/2019, 08:32:10

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I really liked the film and thought it was righteous. One of the best films with Decaprio - altghough DeNiro's part is superfluous and likely tossed to him by Scorsese just because his friend (Burn-Out Bobby) wanted to be in the film (Marty felt sorry for him).

No nightmares for me. The music was worth the price of the ticket alone. Some of Mahler's early work in the sad parts. GREAT classical selections. Just unlimited admiration for the casting/acting, music, screenwriting and direction. A nearly-perfect movie.

I found it to be completely entertaining and disturbing but not nightmare-producing (for me) at all!! Must have just caught me at the right mood when I viewed it.

BB, I'm sorry it messed with your head. Maybe it's a mood thing. Did you really have nightmares, brother? Because of the infanticide?

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