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Callers not knowing it was a bit was Hendrie's key to the whole format. 'Stroke of genius.
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

05/11/2019, 13:40:02

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Lunch -

The gambit of beginning with a 'colorful' character (Bobbi, Rudy Conoza, etc.) and an 'odd' but feasible premise, then milking the callers by extrapolating 'odd' into 'WHAT?' into 'RIDICULOUS!' is a true work of performance art.

Example: 'Guest' Rudy Conoza talking to Phil about how virile South American males woo women, using sentences and phrases in Spanish and lying about the translations to bait Latinos to call in - PRICELESS.

Conoza (Phil, with a superlative Spanish accent): "You must first eat horse meat seasoned with garlic, hold her close and lean into her ear and whisper 'Raspa como un pollo en la calle.' which means, 'My darling, your eyes glitter as the stars at night.' And then you will say to her, '¡Monte me y gruñas!' which means, 'My love will take you to the heavens!'"

(Or sem sech stuff like 'at 'ere.)

A Cali Latino dude called in and was incredulous, literally beside himself - HAR! He said, "Phil, this guy's LYIN' to you. That isn't what that means at all!"

He went on to explain that "Raspa...etc." meant "Scratch like a chicken in the street." and that "Monte me...&c" meant "Mount me and grunt!"


Besides his humor being terminally sick, Hendrie is brilliant fer sher.



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