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Leftist T.V. shows gutted in cancellations (the OTHER Black Friday) while conservative shows thrive.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

05/11/2019, 00:26:23

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Self-admitted Communist, bad-plastic-surgery victim Candace Bergen will have to find something else to do with her time since the reboot of Murphy Brown has been cancelled after one season (humiliating). Maybe she can sleep with a producer to get another role (but it will likely have to be a female producer owing to her freakish post-surgery appearance). heh

i was relieved to note that I have not seen more than one or two of the cancelled shows. Good to know I didn't waste my time. heh 

Among the winner-shows being renewed because people actually WATCH and enjoy them, (not just Communist or anti-White Racist critics) are Chicago PD, all of the remaining NCIS shows, Blue Bloods, Last Man Standing (looks like Tim Allen was correct about it being cancelled by the faggots at ABC because of the politics, not ratings) Magnum PI.   

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