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Oh and BTW, the biggest cause of death for authochthonous tribe members is disease from contaminated water.
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05/10/2019, 23:46:59

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See, most autochthons are so ignorant that they often dig (forgive me) shit-holes very near to their aquifers, contaminating them with coliform bacteria.

Even most poor city folk know not to shit where you eat/drink.

Third world cultures without technology are the worst offenders against nature of all. They routinely defile, poison, decimate, hunt-out, deplete the soil, loot, rob, plunder, pillage, rip-off destroy their environment.

Only the introduction of technology and centralized, integrated economies generally produces any lasting improvements in the savages quality of life*. So once again the leftist have it EXACTLY REVERSED from reality.

The LAST FUCKING THING primitive savages do is "safeguard" anything. Largely they are grotesquely ignorant yea IDIOTIC, moronically self-centered, malicious, treacherous, violent, suspicious, sadistic and above all needlessly destructive in every way, both as individuals and as a society.

* The quality of life of a society is directly correlated to the level of their economy. Decentralized economies where local goods/services are exchanged for goods/services from outside the community, is the threshold.

Until a local community (especially in an undeveloped area) no longer has to produce everything they need, they cannot thrive as a society culture. This has to do with the use of machinery and technology to replace manual labor force to optimize human resources.

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