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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

05/10/2019, 23:38:08

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For the real scoop on what most primitive cultures are really like, read Michael Crichton's "State of Fear", see the feature film from Mel Gibson "Apocalypto" or  the horror movie "Green Inferno". 

All of them are satisfying in many ways because they portray REALITY, not the leftist fantasy of what they WISH was reality.

Leftists are forever stating  their hopes for what reality is, for what it actually IS. 

The leftist's way out is to insist that they really BELIEVE these insane, unreal things. See, when a leftist says that they believe something, it's supposed to inoculate them against accusations of lying. 

This is very similar to the infantile manner very small children treat the truth (and why nobody under the age of 10 can legally testify in court, because they don't understand the difference between reality and fantasy). 

When a 5 year-old swears he saw an elephant walk across the backyard (because he had a dream about it) he is not actually lying. He is just not fully strongly aware of the difference between a dream and the real world. 

Similarly the younger a child is, the greater their own personal desire that things are true, the greater the likelihood that they will convince themselves that they ARE true!

You see this in a thousand ways with infantile behavior. The child greatly wants an ice cream cone, so he invents a REASON that he SHOULD get an ice cream cone. And he will when denied, express great outrage, hatred and resentment that he was denied his desire. 

Exactly like Democrats and their desire that Trump be found guilty of some crime so that he can be removed from office. 

Of course, that would make Mike Pence president. But of course, once they get rid of Trump by weaponizing the judiciary and Congress, they figure getting Pence will be child's play. 

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