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Your reaction is NORMAL, General.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

05/10/2019, 23:14:46

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That is what normal people find hard to accept. The idea that leftists push such things across into the faces of society FOR THE SPECIFIC AND EXPRESSED PURPOSE OF BEING OFFENSIVE, not to convince or persuade.

That makes no sense to normal people (provoking, taunting, infuriating people intentionally) and in fact, it doesn't.

The minds of abnormal people don't work normally. Their motivation for action is in an entirely different motivational framework. A cacogenic, pathological, sadistic SATANIC one.

Today's left has taken the age-old tradition of civilized cultures and REVERSED IT. The idea of deliberately, needlessly, relentlessly doing things which offend, enrage, disgust and repel others would be considered wholly and utterly cacogenic (evil) in any time except our own.

And people say Humanity is progressing. Hmph.

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