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The left just will not let go of ANY of their psychotic delusions ...this is simply the endlessly debunked myth of the "noble savage" resurrected once again from the dead.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

05/10/2019, 23:04:20

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Another Weekend at Bernie's dance celebration with the leftist mass media calling the one-note-symphony.

There is a direct line of correlation between the level of technology in a society and the degree of barbarity including violent crimes and of course, murder/mass murder.

The lower the level of technological advancement in cultures, the greater the barbarity, crime, poverty and general violent savagery.

This started with the infamous Tasaday hoax which many leftists to this day STILL insist was not a hoax but entirely real. Remind you of any other hoaxes leftists refuse to stop believing? Hmmm...

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