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People who are casual about "not-being-afraid-to-die" are sometimes very dangerous...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

05/10/2019, 22:49:25

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...and need to be watched closely for treachery. The inability or unwillingness to cherish life is not a virtue (unless of course you are a special ops soldier on a mission).

I frankly think more of people who value life than who express casual attitudes about death/murder. So few young people I have met seem to be serious-minded enough to come to terms with death in any meaningful sense. They seem like (forgive me) dull-witted infantile brats to me.

Sequence starts at 1:28.

Check out the way Sarah (actress Mary Louise Parker) gets a couple of licks in against her competition (Catherine Zeta-Jones) at the end. heh GREAT acting from MLP in that scene eh? (and very decent work from the supporting cast - especially Malkovich).

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