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If Phil Hendrie was still syndicated on the radio - a hypothetical segment from the program: (Lunch, you're an aficionado - tell me if it gets there.)
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Posted by: TEEBONE

05/09/2019, 18:33:56

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<back from break>

Hendrie: "We're here with Bobbi Dooley, president of her homeowner's association. Bobbi?"

Bobbi Dooley: "Phil, being president of my homeowners association, I believe I speak for all the residents here."

Hendrie: "Wait a minute. You speak for everyone living in your community?"

Bobbi Dooley: "Yes, Phil. They all voted for me as president of the association and I speak for all of them except for the ones who didn't vote for me."

Hendrie: "And who speaks for them?"

Bobbi Dooley: "Nobody. They don't live here anymore."

Hendrie, after deadpan pause: "Okay... so, what do they have to say? What is this about?"

Bobbi Dooley: "Phil, we believe that Chairman Nadler and his Democrats must have the entire Mueller Report! Everything! All the interviews, all the evidence, grand jury testimony, everything!"

Hendrie: "But it would be illegal to divulge grand jury testimony. It's redacted from the report. Except for that, they already HAVE the Mueller Report!"

Bobbi Dooley: "Phil, in order to hold this president responsible, they must have ALL of the report."

Hendrie: "Responsible for what? The report found that he wasn't responsible for anything."

Bobbi Dooley: "That's the problem, Phil. He has to be responsible for SOMETHING."

Hendrie: "But according to the conclusions in the report, there is no crime there, no collusion, no conspiracy, no nothing."

Bobbi Dooley: "They said that they couldn't exonerate him for obstruction. I mean, that's SOMETHING, isn't it, Phil?"

Hendrie: "The Constitution gives him the power to fire people for any or no reason. He can't 'obstruct' anything if the Constitution says he can do it."

Bobbi Dooley: "Well, he must be guilty of SOMETHING."

Hendrie: "Not according to the Mueller Report."

Bobbi Dooley: "The what?"

Hendrie, exasperated: "THE MUELLER REPORT!"

Bobbi Dooley, not missing a beat: "Never heard of it."

<cut to hard break>



Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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