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Once again the far left has misappropriated the politeness tradition of Japanese culture
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Posted by: LateForLunch

05/09/2019, 05:59:33

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The notion of "always be polite, even to your enemies" has been misapplied , twisted into something closer to the Nanny-scolding" if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all".

Leftists love that marmish faggotry. That emasculatory, passive-aggressive FEMININE psycho-rage at the "male-dominated universe". The popular female myth that if only the world could be seduced/goaded/guilted into being "nicer to everyone" all of the world's biggest problems would magically disappear.

If only.

This is the enduring dilemma of the Feminist Myth - there is really no "polite" way to call "BULLSHIT" when you catch others lying/prevaricating/obfuscating/distorting/confusing/fabricating
/besmirching/misleading/subverting. It is not necessary to be polite to cacogens.

Leftists perverting a cultural necessity (Japan's sparse inhabitable space required people to live in close-quarters where life was impossible without it - there were no wide open plains country in Japan, so politeness had to be an absolute).

Leftists like the idea that they can escape any substantive debate simply by shutting down their critics by whining about "politeness" or "civility".

In truth, the American Tradition regarding politeness is that Truth transcends it. IOW, Americans have always permitted people to be somewhat impolite as long as what was said was true.

That actually is closer to the Japanese cultural standard, since Bushido requires honor (truthfulness) not just stoicism and courage. So leftists have gotten it wrong both in intent and application. Typical cacogenic simple-minded leftist morons.

Leftists have been injured by that tradition of honor-over-form for a long time (because their positions are usually morally/logically indefensible). So it makes perfect sense that they would want to change to a tradition where politeness trumps honor - to shut up all of the troublesome, honorable people.

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