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I can not believe they are worried about Trump not leaving. Have they not noticed the shadow hanging over the election is the one who refuses to admit she lost and Trump won.
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Posted by: Jenny ®

05/07/2019, 21:24:14

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This party of idiots can not tell up from down and even the fudge guy thinks he is more attuned to God than our president.   Drama boy Booker blinks and blinks and poor guy ain't even nowhere near Kansas and his Ruby Red slippers are rubber swamp waders and Kamala Harris needs to be taken off her freaken' ritalin (sp).  She's all over the place and her speech is so erratic, I can barely keep up.   I also find it fascinating that Bernie used the government to become a millionaire but he wants all the rest of America to give away their money to others.  Bernie is a phony!!!  

Nancy looks more and more rattled each time she speaks and she doesn't look all that put together lately.  She looks to have aged many years in the past 3 years.  

President Trump must win by a margin so large, they can not complain.  

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