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They may think it's a good idea but I know how to stir up the "Redneck" in a lotta parents. Ain't a gonna be no Arabic blessings around here!
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Posted by: Jenny ®

05/07/2019, 20:28:32

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I've lived in this area since I was 17 and I know most of the important players.  I still have lots of influence around here as well.  VT has plenty of Muslims and even attempt to throw out the 'diversity' phrase on occasion but when they attempt a takeover, all one has to do is mention 9/11 and thanks to both my children being standouts academically and athletically, I still know where to find that great big oar that stirs the shit!!!  ;)

Look what diversity has created and it is not good.  Diversity is not the panacea that cures all of societies ills.   It's bullshit that ethnicities use to gain control of a situation or of another sect of society.   

I have no patience with idiots and fools.  

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