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I know a guy who has a tee shirt "Comey is my homey"
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

05/07/2019, 15:59:27

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He is a leftist homosexual with a ton of money - a property manager for/big investor in a large, upscale residential development. 

This homo sank into a clinical depression when the Big Report came out exonerating President Trump. Fag's been sulking around ever since - clearly crestfallen that Comey's "sacrifice" appears to be all for nothing -  and now he faces possibly going to prison (not to mention having to pay huge legal bills).

I saw the fool wear the shirt once then not again. I guess there's not a lot of mileage backing losers or trying to get approval by wearing tee shirts praising them.

The 'Crat strategery (sic) spawned in the last administration, of waging an all out assault on  the Rule of Law, merely provides a rich tapestry of pickings for LEOs harvesting felons. 

The 'Crats thought they could overwhelm the system by simply putting out the word to everyone on the leftist networks to ignore the rule of law and, "do what thou wilt," (the whole of the law, according to the Satanic Bible).

See, when everyone casually decides to become felons, that makes it easy to find people to successfully arrest, try, prosecute and convict. 


May Comey be the first of many 'Crats to impale themselves by leaping for the Great Sky Hook*.

* The Great Sky Hook was a literary invention of writer Hunter S. Thompson. It described how some take very risky leaps into the unknown seeking rich rewards. The analogy is to a person leaping out across a deep,wide abyss to grab on to a huge, sharp hook which promises to lift them to Heaven. 

Instead fatal self-impalement is the usual result. 

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