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05/07/2019, 15:21:48

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CNN stokes fear Trump may not leave if he loses in 2020 - WND

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Do the national media and Democrats think President Trump won’t leave office if he loses a close election in 2020?

At least one voice at CNN is joining the chorus of concern stoked by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The network’s Chris Cillizza, a former MSNBC and Washington Post contributor, fretted on Twitter that Pelosi has said the 2020 Democratic nominee must win the presidential race emphatically or else Trump might not “concede.”

And it put him directly in the cross-hairs for talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh, who agreed that’s an issue that should be considered.

But not the way Cillizza wanted.

His statement:

Imagine this: Trump narrowly loses — by 20-ish electoral votes — in 2020. He refuses to concede, insists there has been widespread election fraud and notes that Democrats (and the media) have been trying to steal from him since he was elected in 2016.

— Chris Cillizza (@CillizzaCNN) May 6, 2019

“Imagine this: Trump narrowly loses – by 20-ish electoral votes — in 2020. He refuses to concede, insists there has been widespread election fraud and notes that Democrats (and the media) have been trying to steal form him since he was elected in 2016.”

His comments echoed Pelosi’s.

“Well now, let’s examine this,” Limbaugh said Monday. “If this were to happen, who in fact set this whole premise in motion? Who set the premise in motion that an election was stolen and that it could be and that the Russians were behind it? Why, it’s our good buddy Barack Hussein Obama and every underling he had throughout the Democrat Party. Who ran a sham investigation to try to convince and who is still doing it?

“Who is still out there trying to convince the American people that Trump stole the election in 2016? That would be the Democrat Party, Robert Mueller, Andrew Weissmann, everybody that was an underling for Obama. They’re still at it.”

Would Trump’s concerns about election fraud be unfounded, he wondered. Instead, he might say: “These people have been trying to take this election away from me every since 2016. The Democrats and the media have been trying to steal the election I won, and maybe they did it this time.”

Limbaugh questioned: “Who is it, therefore, that has nearly permanently infected the sanctity of our election system? Who is it that is responsible for the belief that a foreign power can steal a presidential election with no evidence that it happened, simply making it up to cover up the real crimes engaged in by Hillary Clinton and the DNC? These people have done a greater job of creating doubt and of corruption in the American electoral process than Vladimir Putin could have ever hoped to.”

He said the problem for the Democrats is that they “believe you have a permanent entitlement to power, but you don’t get it because doofuses in American vote and don’t vote the right way.”

He said that might interest some in “just getting rid of elections.”

“How would you do that? Well, one of the first steps you would take is to so corrupt the perception of elections, they can’t possibly be fair, then you’re off and running after that,” Limbaugh said.

Pelosi’s concern that Trump might refuse to leave office if he loses followed on Hillary Clinton’s newest complaint about having an election “stolen.”

“Here comes Pelosi and Cillizza (paraphrased), ‘Yeah, the 2020 election? Oh, my God, Trump’s not gonna leave! We’re gonna beat him, but he’s not gonna leave. Oh, my God!’ When all of this is going on. … This is all the left has.”

Fox News commentators, he said, pointed out that the fretting was over the possibility that Trump wouldn’t accept the vote in 2020 if he lost, while it is the Democrats who still are refusing to accept Clinton’s loss in 2016.

“It hasn’t happened, but note who it is that is losing and corrupting and tarnishing the impression, the perception of legal elections in this country. It’s the Democrat Party and the media, and they’ve done a bang-up job,” Limbaugh said.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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