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Trump pardons former army lieutenant Behenna for murdering a terrorist.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

05/07/2019, 14:23:04

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It's a fine line admittedly. Discipline should have been Lt. Behenna's first loyalty according to the book - but some rules may be considered guidelines for justice - and relaxed.

Some (I among them) would maintain that terrorists are more like demons than human beings - so killing them would arguably be no worse than killing a mad dog or a rabid skunk. Not murder certainly.

Sure, once the terrorist was room temp he was of no more use to our forces - which is the greater sin strategically speaking. If it was self-defense as Behenna stated (and likely was according to strong evidence) the lieutenant still placed the terrorist in a position where the incident was a higher risk of happening (an uncontrolled setting for an interrogation).

Doubtless any honest soldier would have been tempted to do exactly the same thing - but that is perhaps what separates the better soldiers - an ability to effectively sublimate (lock down) one's emotions on the battlefield and execute orders.

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