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Cue: Gautama Buddha: There are no lies - only deeper and deeper levels of truth.
Re: Natural law has dominion over EVERYTHING. You either work within it, or you're doomed to failure. -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

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05/07/2019, 08:16:36

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By that of course, he likely meant that even people who knowingly tell lies are in their own way, expressing some sort of truth (from their own perspective). 

There are also Rules of Trust and Intimacy. One of the biggest is that when one lies to someone with whom they have an on-going relationship, lying damages trust. Mutual trust is prerequisite to a stable, normal mutually-beneficial relationship.

So a Greater Truth about lying is when one tells lies (even for what the liar sees as a good reason) if discovered by the target of the lie, it will lessen the degree of trust between them. 

That is why I personally tell the truth as much as possible even if it is uncomfortable for someone (even I). 

The leftist's refusal to acknowledge or express unpleasant truths ( we lost because the People preferred the other guy)  is not a strength, it's a characterological weakness because it ruins the chance for ongoing relationship between the liar and not only those they lie to but also (more importantly) THEIR OWN UNCONSCIOUS MIND. 

"Every relationship with someone else is also a relationship with ourselves." - C.G. Jung 

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