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The academic propensity to "overthink" a problem:
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05/04/2019, 21:06:47

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Texas Tech study on stakeholder acceptance of gun violence interventions

Katie Main
3-3 minutes

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Two professors in the College of Education at Texas Tech University are researching perspectives on the strategies schools use to prevent gun violence.

The study asks people from each level of education, elementary through college, to read through different scenarios involving gun violence and decide whether or not the measures taken were effective.

Some of those preventative measures may be security cameras, self-defense tools or increased emergency communication.

The creators of the study, Dr. Charles Crews and Dr. Stacy Carter, are professors and researchers in the department of Educational Psychology and Leadership.

The study looks at different perspectives on strategies that schools use to prevent gun violence, “to help maximize these types of preventative procedures and receive the least resistance from the public from the stakeholders from the children,” Dr. Carter said.

Dr. Crews said the idea came to him last summer after counseling students who were present during the 2018 shooting in Parkland, Florida.

“Talking with them really moved me. One of them was sharing with me that he had to be locked down and he heard the gunshots that killed his friends,” Dr. Crews said.

Dr. Carter, a social validity researcher, said the survey will continue to run and collect data that can continually be informing people.

“They could be used later on by a school district if they were going to implement some type of preventative technique, they could use that and they would have a valid scale to use,” Dr. Carter said.

Dr. Crews said the results of the survey can also be used to help legislators make good, data-driven decisions.

“Cause we can throw a lot of money at a problem, we could maybe build a 16-foot wall around every school, but it’s just not as effective as other things we could try. That’s what we’re looking at, is where can we spend money the most effectively to impact the most people possible,” Dr. Crews said.

The study was not created after the shooting at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte Tuesday evening. Dr. Crews said, unfortunately, that incident is further reason to continue doing research.

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