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Jen, it's worse than most even know. In 2012, I spoke with an electrician who worked at the nearby mosque. He said they have murals on the wall of young kids with guns and Kafia's and killing others (assuming the others were Jews or the infidels). He
Re: While Everyone is paying attention to Trump/Mueller collusion/obstruction, we have muslim children being taught in the mosques in America to hate and kill -- Jenny Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Dee W.

05/04/2019, 20:26:33

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also noted weapons behind a door he was not supposed to go in, in the basement of the mosque. He finished his work and headed to the PD whereby they told him to mind his own business. That's how much Democrats in the Chicago area have betrayed the people. The mosque in question was raided by the feds prior to that incident! The head of that mosque was promoted to head the Holy Land Foundation. Not a good organization.

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