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One a-hole commits murder, it's a crime everywhere - three hundred million radical Islamists repeatedly commit mass murder and we're not even permitted to speak of it!?!
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Posted by: LateForLunch

05/04/2019, 20:16:39

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The only terror familiar to leftists is the sort they feel whenever confronted by someone who doesn't understand why they won't even speak the term "radical Islam".

This especially since those same people freely yea - enthusiastically proclaim their abhorrence for things like racial supremacism, autocratic elitism, Nazism, hate-mongering, sexism, antisemitism, wars of aggression, , theofascism. Yet self-described, largely-tolerated Islam in many respects stands for ALL of that degenerate, antiquated, feeble-minded lunacy and far, far worse.

Wanton mass murder is fine as long as the root philosophy underlying it all is something supposedly "religious". What a bunch of rot.

Leftists are fucked up. There is no more kind, demure way to say it. FUCKED!! UP!!!

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