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Leftists have figured out something that the anti-leftists have not...
Re: OK, here it is, folks. What is it, Liberty, or Tyranny? (nods to Mark Levin) This is IRREFUTABLE. -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

05/04/2019, 19:52:42

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...concerning form and content.

Doing something incrementally rather than violently is a good way to get things done in these days of modern times.

It reminds me of the "slow bullet" in Frank Herbert's Dune novel. In the book, Herbert speculated that force-shields might some day exist, which could only be penetrated by force applied slowly, not suddenly.

So with Alinskyite Marxism which is slowly injecting itself into the nation's bloodstream - with predictably disastrous results.

The leftists in Mexifornia have seized on climate change fear-mongering to propel their own species of oligatchic leftist fascism over the land. Exactly like a virus.

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