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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

05/04/2019, 16:56:39

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Blast From the Past: The AutoMag Is Back for 2018

2-2 minutes

Remember that badass gun used by Clint Eastwood in the fourth Dirty Harry film “Sudden Impact”? It was called the AutoMag; audiences naturally tried to buy one after seeing it in action on the big screen. The only problem? By the time the movie came out in 1983, it had been discontinued, with around 9,000 pistols sold during its production run between 1971 and 1982.

In 2015, a new South Carolina-based company called Auto Mag Ltd. Corp. purchased the rights to the AutoMag from the original owners and set about re-introducing this iconic gun to the marketplace. It looks like that day is fast approaching. The company has announced that it has shipped out 77 new .44 AMP AutoMag “Founders Edition” pistols with 8.5-inch barrels. While those units are spoken for, pre-orders are now being accepted for the “Classic Edition” AutoMag with either a 6.5-inch or 8.5 inch barrel, and Hogue G10 or checkered wood grips.

According to the AutoMag website, these new pistols are made from premium materials and CNC-machined for tighter tolerances than what was possible during the original run. Initially they’ll only be available in .44 AMP, but the company says it plans on offering it in .357 AMP and .44 Win Mag later on down the line. Starline Brass is producing a run of 100,000 cases of brass for the .44 AMP, while SBR Ammunition is selling 50-round boxes and 500-round cases of .44 AMP.

The gun is priced at $3,495 for the 6.5-inch-barreled model, and $3,795 for the 8.5-inch-barreled version. These guns were on display, with various finishes, at SHOT Show 2018 in Las Vegas.

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Barry Hirsh
Not fair! You can buy a good used car for that amount of money. 

Hey! Maybe in Bernie's 'Socialist America' the gummint will give it to everyone, FREE!


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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