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Senator Graham just bypassed everybody and went straight to the US Supremes asking them to investigate those FISA warrants and how they were obtained.
Re: If you combine this with Bill Barr's apparent tenacity, it would be a good bet that many bowels are presently being loosened inside the Beltway. -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Jenny ®

05/03/2019, 17:15:43

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I saw a picture of Nadler looking at his watch while proclaiming he's giving AG Barr one more chance but how will Obama and the Dems look with egg on their face and possible orange jumpsuits?   Will Nadler and that bitch from Hawaii still be smug and obnoxious?   Will they still be calling AG Barr names and smearing his reputation?   

I will be so happy to see an end to this BS (assuming Roberts doesn't sell out again).  

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