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Carvey is talented.
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Posted by: LateForLunch

05/02/2019, 15:00:57

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He's also one of the few conservatives around on the comedy scene. He's too good for H-Wood to kill his career because he won't obey the general order NOT to make fun of leftists.

Carvey had a fairly good friendship with George HW Bush, who sought Carvey out during the time he was imitating Bush's mannerisms on T.V.!

That was back before Bush had totally gone over to the dark side. Carvey said Bush 41 thought he (Carvey) was very talented and that his wife (Barbara) thought it was a good imitation.

It was not bad, as I recall. Back then of course Bush was still reviled by leftists because he wasn't a full-on socialist apologist and was hitched to a true conservative (RWR).

So Carvey was n H-Wood rule-breaker to have a friendship with someone like Bush or to say anything about him positive (which Carvey often did).

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