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What Col. North may not have fully considered...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

05/02/2019, 13:52:15

Author Profile Mail author Edit the age-old truism to the man-of-position; "Be generous and patient with those close enough to shake your hand or poison your tea".

The Mafia knows this instinctively. Any person who must constantly be concerned about security for themselves as they travel, might reasonably employ a personal tailor who might have to travel with or to them, incurring higher costs.

There are a lot of good reasons from a security perspective, to have as few people as possible with direct access to a subject's person or things. So you might pay a lot more for what would be a fairly low-cost service like a personal tailor (PR is arguably a big part of the job) because you have to keep the personal service vendors well-paid enough not to be tempted by money to set you up for a hit or let someone lace your clothing with nerve agent, PCP, anthrax or fentanyl.

Much of what Niccolo Machiavelli wrote about in The Prince holds true to this day - the above may be one of them.

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