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CS Lewis was never more relevant.
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04/30/2019, 14:46:36

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One of the great things about Lewis's characters / POV was that he was able to compete with the most complex, edumacated thinkers, yet remained rooted to his human instincts and ability to know when the time for words was past. 

"The words you say may be true. But I am a gunslinger - and a gunslinger does not deal in words. A gunslinger deals in lead." - - Roland Deschain of Gilead from Stephen King's The Dark Tower 

For KIng's Tower series the term "gunslinger" is a metaphor for "person-of-action up to and including violent, deadly action". He made them something between priests and ninjas, much the way knights were (or were supposed to be in theory) in the Olde Days. 

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