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Ah! That leaves out the lazy lowlifes then!!
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Posted by: LateForLunch

04/15/2019, 21:31:49

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I'm in a good mood BTW. I was watering my lawn when a local "Walker" with book came by my house. I asked him about the book and discovered it was about Communism and he was a devout follower of Noam Chomsky.

I spent about twenty minutes eviscerating his arguments. I called Chomsky a morally derelict nihilist adrift in the Big Universe and asked why if the Bolsheviks were soooooooooo COOL, they murdered ALL of the pro-democracy faction that fought for them in the White Revolution as their first order of business? He had no response. He was unaware of that fact. Another leftist self-described "anarchist" ignoramus.

I also schooled the poor SOB about how anarchy was not a genuine government because it was ALWAYS transitional and could never be maintained for more than a brief phase.

I do not expect him to ever walk down my street again!! I think I can live with that.

He;ll wander off some where and shrivel up.

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