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"A lie goes round the world before the truth gets out of bed. " - Mr. Natural
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Posted by: LateForLunch

04/14/2019, 21:35:27

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Pure Alinskyite strategery (sic).

This is one of those things in which trial-law and Marxism converge. In court trials lawyers are taught this: Never concede a point to the opposition. Invoke any response except acknowledgment of error or inaccuracy on your own part. It's better to look like a liar to most juries than to look weak.

When faced with damaging evidence or logic that is substantively irrefutable trial attorneys are taught to simply make things up - to lie.

Alinsky taught that most voters are unable to take the time to study political issues comprehensively - so swaying voters boils down to an exercise in mounting the most effective EMOTIONAL appeal.

Making things up is in the view of the cacogenic hoplophobes, not as potentially damaging as admitting the truth. Words as munitions. That is the only way cacogens view words. Weapons or potential weapons.

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