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Posted by: LateForLunch

04/14/2019, 20:08:19

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...Rules for Radicals speaks of the culture war and how to win it.
The strategy includes the use of the leftist mass media to promulgate and "normalize" things which undermine, denigrate, replace or destroy traditional values i.e. normality.

CS Lewis understands this perversity and the way it can become habitual - CG Jung spoke of the Shadow in all personalities. That is the collection of opposite impulses from our conscious ones.

For example, our conscious impulse is to drive safely and all normal impulses while driving are focused on this goal. However, normal people will occasionally experience a random impulse in the opposite direction of our conscious goal - the idea of steering off a cliff instead of safely navigating a turn.

Having an occasional impulse erupt from the Shadow is normal - what is not normal is to consciously, willfully follow Shadow impulses and give them expression in actions, planning and behavior. That is called "evil" or a best "sociopathic" or "chthonic'.

Fomenting deviance is a leftist ploy with a political goal - to get people to reject traditional of patriotism, national pride, religious faith (unless it is a large disruptive force as Islam usually in in non-muzz cultures).

The reasoning Alinsky gave was that if you can get people to lose faith in everything else, they will accept radical revolutionary socialism because they figure, "What the Hell!"

That is why nihilism (the rejection of beliefs) is a common precursor to Satanism - as CS Lewis explores at length in his work, especially That Hideous Strength.

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