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Re: "Keep pilin' 'em up!" - (response to "ramrodd", a hardcore Libertarian)
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

04/12/2019, 15:09:24

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Depending on Federal Judges to Protect Your Gun Rights Is a Bad Plan.
This is a really bad strategy.
At its core, the Second Amendment exists as a limit on federal authority. When you sue in federal court, you do so in the hope that the federal government will limit itself.
Remember, federal courts operate as part of the federal government, and federal judges are nothing more than politically connected lawyers drawing federal paychecks. When we keep these facts in mind, it becomes pretty obvious we shouldn’t count on federal courts to limit federal power, and uphold or preserve the Second Amendment.
James Madison gave us the blueprint. When the federal government commits unwarrantable acts, the Father of the Constitution didn’t say “file a lawsuit in federal court.” Madison advised a refusal to cooperate with officers of the union. Don’t depend on politically connected lawyers to protect your right to keep and bear arms.
Tenth Amendment center


Not always true. If one sues in state court all the way up the ladder yet still loses on a Supremacy Clause issue ignored by the state, the only obvious (and intended) redress is through the federal court system.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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